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I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Kel for nearly ten years and have truly enjoyed watching her grow as an individual and a songwriter.  Kel released her full length album “Skin and Bones” in 2013 just before moving to Nashville, Tennesse from Indianapolis.  She recently released her new EP “Nightfall” and you don’t want to miss it.  I was thrilled to be able to work with her on this project.  So much time, love, and care went into the making of this EP and it is very evident when you listen to it.


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Her singles were released consecutively on Tuesdays for five weeks accompanied by music videos filmed by Blythe Thomas.



Fortress  |  Time Will Tell  |  Sleep  |  Nightfall

Kel EP ShootKel EP ShootKel EP ShootKel EP Shoot

Kel has two upcoming shows: a house show in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 8th and a show at Exit/In in Nashville, Tennessee on November 17th.  If you purchase a ticket for her show in Nashville you will be e-mailed her exclusive track “Chicago” not available for purchase anywhere else.



After photographing Kelly and Trevor’s engagement shoot, I knew their wedding was going to be beautiful and fun.  Their contagious laughter was heard throughout the day.  Kelly was so calm and a stunning bride.  Their wedding was at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel and their reception was at Ritz Charles.  The weather was beautiful and Kelly and Trevor were surrounded by so many friends and family members.


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